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General Information

  • Simply put, myTPCG is a way for you to access online services provided by Terrebonne Parish Consolidated Government - everything you need for your everyday interactions with TPCG in one place. Sign up, select services that matter to you, and get information and updates on your dashboard every time you sign in.

  • Through myTPCG, you'll be able to pay your gas and electric bills, sign up for recreation activities, and more. Additional services will be added over time, so be sure to check out our full list of services.

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  • Create a new account with your name and email address. Certain services may require additional identifying information, such as a customer number or information from your latest bill.

  • Although most email should arrive quickly, there can be occasional delays. If you still don't see a message in your inbox after a few minutes, you may need to check your junk mail folder or add to your safe senders list.

    For further assistance, please send a request through our online contact form.

  • If your browser and operating system are not up to date, you may be unable to complete your payment. Security protocols are in place to ensure your payment information remains safe.

    If you are redirected by the bank to the site for Terrebonne Parish Consolidated Government employees only, you should try again after updating your operating system and browser.

    We understand that payments are sometimes time sensitive, and we make every effort to ensure that things work as smooth as possible for everyone. If you are unable to complete payment through myTPCG for any reason, there may be alternative ways to pay depending on the type of payment you need to make. For further assistance or to report a specific problem, please send a request through our online contact form.

  • myTPCG was designed to provide a simple, unified payment experience for many different departments and services. Like other online shopping carts, you only need to check out once. Everything in your cart is paid at the same time no matter what type of service you are paying for.

    Each service presents unique challenges for future-dated payments. Some are time-sensitive. Some may only accept a limited number of applicants. Some may include monthly payments with set due dates, while others may be one-time payments due immediately.

    For example, gas or electric customers can make one payment to cover the balance on two or more accounts with different due dates. A payment could accidentally be scheduled after the due date for one of them but still on time for the other. In some cases, this might even result in services being cut off unexpectedly.

    To avoid confusion, we've decided to prevent future-dated payments entirely. We understand this may be inconvenient for some customers, specifically those coming from other online payment applications for gas and electric payments, but we hope that this is offset by everything else myTPCG has to offer.

Gas & Electric


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